Prince’s Welcome 2 Chicago Poster Revealed! Futuristic Fantasy!

Wow. We just got sent this gift of the official Welcome 2 Chicago tour poster for PRINCE & The NPG.

Futuristic fantasy.  Chicago will be where the purple party people be.

It looks like for now the Chicago dates will be September 24th, 25th, and the 26th.

The pre-sale for the 24th has already begun with the official sale date this Thursday September 6th.

Stay right here for more information of the Welcome 2 Chicago run...and MORE!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Don't.  Come.  2. The. Concert.

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  1. Amazing poster!! Love it!

  2. my play sweethearts coming to Chicago. i hope i get to see him either at the concert or an after party.

  3. It’s time 2 get FUNKEE !

  4. Maybe he’s blindfolded to pick some free concert tix to give away to some lucky winners.

  5. I wonder how he likes Chick-fil-A?!! LOL!!! He’s ATE UP!!!

  6. Could be . . . I got dressed in my sleep and put my clothes on inside-out (notice ring and mole on right side of photo); or Prince is going blind/blonde; or those are not sleep/eye wear but Andre’s glasses from the 80’s

    Andre as bassist would be a bonus. I would pay to see that. Hope you guys have fun!

    I don’t know about you all but that face on his pant leg, evil looking. WUWT?

  7. Sadly , it feels so contrived. Something I would’ve never mentioned in a sentence about Prince. But I guess there is truly a first time 4 everything.

  8. I am overjoyed for Chicago Prince fams…..

  9. Here’s a thought..I know the ticket prices represent the fact that Prince is working with the” Rebuild The Dream” organization and I am proud of him for that..but why not d/l that old NPGMC mailing list and give the True Funk Soilders a shot at decents seats. Even just for one nite!!! Would b paradise!!!

  10. do the tickets represent the shows he has done in Chicago since the beginning of his career?

  11. I would love to buy this and own it. That’s about as close as I’d ever get to the show….*sadface* It’s beautiful.

  12. Chicago about to get Funky!!!!

  13. I like the tickets in the background. “Around The World In A Day”, every damn day! That shirt is on some Electric Lovesexy Land… Hot. Chicago: Housequake • Alphabet St. • I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man • When You Were Mine • Girls & Boys • Extralovable • Any new jam • America • Paisley Park • Strange Relationship • Sexuality • Anotherloverholenyohead
    Aftershow : Condition Of The Heart • I Wish U Heaven • Paisley Park • Be My Mirror • Do U Lie ? • Laydown • Sticky Like Glue • Eye Know • Play In The Sunshine
    I’m just sayin’…

  14. He looks amazing as always..I love living in ChiTown!! Thanks Dr!

  15. Thx Doc for sharing. Sweet look I like it. Cool poster. Bring it on P, do you.

  16. OMG! He will join the Black Eyed Peas???

  17. I never go here with the comparison but I have to on this one. Looks very Michael Jackson like.

  18. Eye think the mask & the tickets in the background. Represents his random ticket in a box pick of which city he will go 2 next. Eye think Prince plans 2 go to every state & country in America…He will be touring the rest of his lif…

  19. This shit is TERRIBLE haha! I love the homie but the Australian poster (with the fro, sword and… muscle?) was uncomfortable enough. Does he even have any idea what he’s trying to do here?

  20. Nicely done! Very cool indeed!

  21. He looks amazing blindfolded…

  22. Love the shirt and pants. It’s cool that the tickets are in the background. But what’s with the mask? Overall, it’s great.

  23. Prince looks like the king of the stage here…

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