Ida, Donna Grantis, & Hannah Ford All Deny Being “3rd Eye Girl”….

Ida Neilsen first responded in another language that she was NOT the “3rd Eye Girl” claiming it may be Brownmark (Former member of the Revolution) and then said it might be PRINCE because she beats him at table tennis on the daily.

Next up was Donna Grantis proclaiming she was not the “3rd Eye Girl” and name-checked Drfunkenberry for stating it might be her or Hannah. ย She put the blame on Hannah due to loose drum sticks. We were left with an image of someone we believe is named Christopher Tracy n it seemed like Christopher had a look of someone who was comparing butterscotch to chocolate.

Next up was Hannah Ford stating she was not the “3rd Eye Girl” n seemed surprised anyone would think she could be the “3rd Eye Girl” n was panicked, frustrated, n scared…all at the same time. We are left with an image of you know who….

Shortly after, there was a confession on Twitterย stating:


There was no visual stating who it actually was however……

Are these girls telling the truth?

Could there be someone else we are not thinking about?

Will she request to meet us at Bunker’s n tell us the truth?

Will the doc get table tennis lessons from Ida so Prince doesn’t whoop his tail so bad next time?

Will our heroes prevail from the clutches of the “Eye”?

Tune in next time to find out.

Same Funky Time.

Same Funky Channel….er…we mean web site!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Who will appear on camera next?




  1. Twinkly1

    ha, ha, keep it coming Prince, so funny!

    Me thinks Hannah doth protest too much! I mean, look at the hat she’s wearing…is that a pigs nose or a third eye???

  2. Richard Littler

    Donna’s clip made me laugh with the dramatic sound effects and the final shot of Christopher Tracy. Hilarious!

  3. new album name: 3rd eye girl.

    prince has always had a feminine alter ego, and the new band could represent his ‘3rd eye’ so to speak. ๐Ÿ™‚

    it’s cute and way more fun than the ‘protege’ thing ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kerrycanada

    Eye really don’t care who it is, don’t care 2 ever no , what eye do no is all this bs back and forth has halted the flow of material, could we just get more of that and less of this???

  5. Sigh

    Don’t mean to be a debbie downer. It was all fun at first but now, it’s getting silly…sigh (lol)

  6. Barbara

    Hi Dr F. Greetings from Australia! Loving all the intrigue and fun, keep it up, you are all doing a great job! Nearly at bursting point for some new music (old school CDs for me….) xx

  7. M21nights

    I love this! It is an entertaining game, like a mystery show or something. It’s fun! Why not play along, why does everything have to be so serious all the time. Prince is having fun with this, AND he is giving us some special goodies at the same time – so what is to complain about?? Lighten up people, please!

    Thank U Prince for the entertainment, and thanks Doc for sharing it all with us. I am intrigued to come online every day, just to see if there has been a new “episode”. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. AngelSoul

    It’s Prince! He’s telling u it’s him. What more can he do to prove that? It’s him!

  9. My theory after following Prince for the last 29 years: The new band is “3rd Eye Girl.” It’s a trio, which explains the “3rd,” and its all girls explaining the “girl.” And um, they all have eyes, which explains the “eye” part. ๐Ÿ™‚ I think if Prince (or his organization) was NOT behind it, there wouldn’t be the quantity and quality of songs coming out. In addition, has Prince EVER given this much lip service to a bootlegger? Mentioning them by name and posting videos about them? That would never happen! Either way, I’m not complaining, any music released by Prince and the band (whether it’s the Revolution, NPG or 3rd Eye Girl) is a positive thing. And if Prince fires them, they can go on the road as a Third Eye Blind cover band! HA!
    My $0.02

  10. Yace

    Erratum (once again…)

    Existe = exists
    King of communication = kind of communication.

    Sorry I was born in Paris (France), not in Paris (Texas)..

  11. Yace

    So many people pretending they are grown people, adults, experienced and so much on (and I don’t doubt they are) and then using these king of “qualities” to say : ”Hey we know it’s a game, 3rdeyegirl doesn’t existe, it all come from Prince camp, stop these silly games on us, give new music etc..”.

    Well, things are simple, nothing or teasing ? I choose teasing.

    Fun or not fun ? Well it’s up to each person, some might get it, other not. 4 my part it’s all good, in french we would call it “humour potache” (meaning the king of joke children make at elementary school, well I like it sometimes, especially from Prince ;))).

    Last question, free or not free ? Go man, at the very end u are and u still free 2 choose the king of communication u want, the music u want 2 share etc…the way u want, we r not ur f… managers (even if each and every seem 2 dream of beeing ;). Do ur thing, @ the very end we’ll c if we r 20.000 2 follow or 2.000.000 ;).

    The only thing that matter ? The day u decide 2 realize ur new (double ๐Ÿ˜‰ album make it as good as possible (in the state of ur actual inspiration) and this CD (u know this ”old thing” that nobody want 2 buy, except us ๐Ÿ˜‰ we’ll b on permanent rotation in our minds like, let’s say, 1999, Sign of the Times or The Rainbow Children.

    Hey U did THAT ;))) !!!

  12. Dani3121

    To me 3rd eye girl could be the name of Prince’s new band.
    Next in camera could be Prince maybe?

  13. Perhaps it’s the creative gold mine of both Prince and Stella Blu – I wonder…???

    Words & Music by Prince…

    Artwork & images from Stella….

    Funky & sexy – all in one! Pure gold!

    Maybe a star or two have aligned….???

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