Prince Strikes Distribution Deal For “Dance” Remixes

Prince Photo: Alberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive
Prince Photo: Roberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive

Prince Photo: Roberto Ugolini. DrFunkenberry Exclusive

What started off as a rumor I was emailed about regarding Prince signing a 3 album record deal turned out to be false.

However, an interesting distribution deal is happening.  For those wishing for new Prince music though, you might be disappointed.

I reached out to the label "Purple Music" started in the 90's by Jamie Lewis.  His inspiration for naming the label "Purple Music" was because purple was his favorite color, and he was watching the movie "Purple Rain" at the time.  Lewis has "Purple Music" dance parties all the time, but are not Prince related.  The label is located in Switzerland and specializes in House and club music.

Prince and "Purple Music" struck a deal to release and distribute "Dance 4 Me"(Originally from his 2009 #2 Billboard album "Lotusflow3r" and "MPLSound") as a single release also including the David Alexander remixes of the song.

The label is also working on new remixes to complete a new package.

The label wanted to make sure that everyone knows this is not the new Prince label nor did they sign a 3 album deal with him.  The article that posted that earlier today was completely wrong.

"Purple Music" will also distribute "2nite" by Bria Valente (a song featured on her Elixer CD that came with Prince's 2009 Lotusflow3r collection) and credits Bria as a Prince protegé, background vocalist for Usher, as well as a singer and model.  There will be a few mixes of the song as well but nothing further they can say at this time.

I want to thank Manuela Berter of "Purple Music" for getting back to us quickly and providing detailed information about the deal.

It is not exactly a new practice to re-release a single a couple of years after a song appeared on an album or was originally released.  It has been some time though since it has been done.

We always liked the song "Dance 4 Me" and felt it was a shame a video was never made for the song.  Perhaps this time, maybe a video will accompany this release, although two years later.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  He Still Likes It When U Dance 4 Him

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  1. Cool. This should be interesting.

  2. DocFunk, Thanks for keeping us posted on any and all Prince info. It’s good to know he is willing to make deals/agreements to distribute any of his material. As The Copyright Act of 1976 begins to work in Prince’s favor(2013 is coming soon…), I think we’ll see more releases…maybe even a “digital” deal…

  3. I liked 2night….disco; dance4me….funk and the remix. Prince be Prince.

  4. whatever deals or moves prince makes with her career and lifestyle is cool with me..he has proven his genius and success and i support him..haters

  5. that song was the only song on that record that could have been a hit – so perhaps this is just what it needs……….anyway I’m sure it was fun for him to do and that is all that counts these days if u think about it

  6. am i the only one that misses maxi single? damn!!

  7. Retro in sepia …mayb not. :)

  8. Just have 2 wait and see how this all turns out. Of course we were all hoping 4 that “rumor” 2 had been real but taken the fact that Prince promised not 2 release a new recording again, we have 2 take what we can get :)

  9. Honestly…This doesn’t impress me much.Especially when I didn’t care for the other remixes!Besides Prince would do a much better job on them if he was up to it! :)
    I think leave that album ALONE!ESPECIALLY anything with Bria…MOVE ON!
    After all the Original 7ven just released their new album and someone just got served!Time for a new bag of tricks Prince…what you got up ur sleeve? 😉

  10. This deal will fall apart and will never see the light of day. Purple Music label will fold soon afterward.

  11. I always felt the Lotusflow3r package was aborted too soon. I think this is a good idea & will bring back life 2 the project again. A few more songs 4rm Lotusflow3r should b released 2. Maybe 3121 will b next.

  12. Wow, this sunds pretty weak and a bad idea.

  13. I hope this mean Prince and Bria are back together cause I really like her style and it seemed to be a genuine relationship + she is not sooo young for it to be weird. Wicked good news Doc F. Prince knows how to keep us all guessing!

  14. Sweet, when I first heard the “2Nite” track I thought to myself this could be a good song for a club. I put it on repeat 5 times a day upon the release and I still bump it to this day.

    I let the DJ hear it and got him to play it for some wks in a row. The crowd was feeling it. We would Latin Hustle to it as well. The bass in this piece is what’s happening. I hope this goes good and the remix albums make it across the big blue nile in the states.

    Thx Doc, keep doing what ya do.

  15. New Bria Valente release, was not expecting it but 2 nite is a hot dance track!..lets hope the remix is even better…. Dance 4 me is not a Prince song i like too much, remix or not, not feelin it but open to listen to anything Prince. Love ya Princey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks DOC!!!

  16. Sounds like some unreleased remixes may b released soon?

  17. Cool to get the straight story, thanks Doc. It’s funny “2nite” came on my iPod yesterday and I was like, hmmm, what’s this? When I saw the artist I was like, “Hey, this is one track from Elixir I can stand listening to!” I bet they’ll come up with some fun remixes for that one.

  18. I’m a Prince’s Fan since 1984……sorry i’m so disapointed & i can’t stand this kind of News……my love story with Prince is close from the end!


  19. This really is a non-story but the rumor of a 3 album deal of new material not being right, we were just debunking the story, kind of like what we did earlier this year with The Guardian and a story they published about Prince. Purple Music appears to be some good peeps n it should be interesting…..

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