Congrats to PRINCE and 3RDEYEGIRL for hitting number 1 with "PRETZELBODYLOGIC" in the UK on Amazon!

The song is number 1 on the indie charts and number 12 overall.

You can purchase "PRETZELBODYLOGIC" here.-DocFB

Diagnosis : Much Love to 3RDEYEGIRL and the #PRINCEARMY


Elusive: Lianna La Havas Talks About PRINCE’s Visit To Her Flat!


Was it only 2 days ago now that PRINCE had a press conference at Lianne La Havas's place to announce tour plans there?

Press conference? Yes. Tour plans? Not exactly. It is Hit N Run style with the gigs being announced only a short time ahead. You know we will do our best to make sure you know when we know.

For what Lianne had to say and MORE on this story, click here!


Jam Of The Week: “Screwdriver” By PRINCE; Going For Radio Ads Next Week

Screwdriver Cover

Our Jam Of The Week is "Screwdriver" by PRINCE featuring Hannah Ford, Donna Grantis, and Ida Neilsen. The song will be going for ads on radio overseas as Purple Music will be distributing the single.

UPDATE: Purple Music advised the single will be released digitally Feb. 4th on all known online stores.

U can purchase the song NOW on AMAZON, ITUNES, and PURPLE MUSIC,

Purple Music will let us know the release date and formats (picture disc) but advised it will be soon.  Check out their fan page on FacebookUPDATE: Purple Music adv will be a digital release only at this time...

"Screwdriver" debuted on PRINCE's new web site earlier this week with much fanfare. The web site 20PR1NC3.com debuted with an announcement by Billboard Magazine.

It has been a busy month for the music legend as several songs and videos of his have been put out by a twitter account with the handle of 3rdEyeGirl including "Chapter & Verse" which is a sound board recording from PRINCE's 6 sold out shows at the Dakota Jazz Club in his hometown of Minnesota.

If January is any indication of what 2013 has in store for PRINCE (Pr1NC3) fans, then it is going to be BIG! Along with the new web site and the Billboard cover, PRINCE will be receiving the Icon Award at this Year's Billboard Awards May 19th and will be attending a tribute in his honor at Carnegie Hall in March which is being put together by Questlove of The Roots.

"Screwdriver" is a rock number that we cannot wait to hear live.  It is great that it will be getting played on radio stations overseas and getting a release over there.  Here is hoping that a US distributor will step up to the plate soon that would enable the song to get radio play and a proper release out here.

Along with those hopes, why do I envision him going on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" soon and ripping this song to shreds right in front of Questlove?  Oh well.  A Doc can dream.

Thank you Jamie for the updated cover.

Enjoy the Jam Of The Week, PRINCE's "Screwdriver"!!!-DocFB

Diagnosis:  Dance Lala.....

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Video Premiere: Jessie J “Nobody’s Perfect”


Here is "Nobody's Perfect" from the UK's Jessie J.  This is different than the version on her CD.  Not sure why they re-recorded it but it is different.

Not sure when Jessie J. will truly blow up in the States and not sure if "Nobody's Perfect" will do it, but she is on her way.  It's just a matter of time.

What do you think of "Nobody's Perfect" by Jessie J?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: UK Darling Is Anything But In U.S.


Rage Against Simon Cowell

Rage. File Photo
Rage. File Photo

Rage. File Photo

Rage Against The Machine raged against Simon Cowell and won.  They wanted fans to download their 1992 song "Killing In The Name" to block X Factor for having the number one song for the 5th straight year in a row by the winner of the show.

The song reached number 1 on downloads only, which is a first in the UK.  Rage promises a free concert as a victory party. They also raised money for charity in their efforts.

Did any of our UK readers take part in this?  Wonder how tight Simon's sweater is today.-Dr.FB


Zac Efron Takes London

Zac Efron. Photo: Flynetonline.com
Zac Efron. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Zac Efron. Photo: Flynetonline.com

Zac Efron arrived at Heathrow Airport in the UK to a mob of paps and fans which had the freshly looking Zac putting on his sunglasses while trying to make his way to his car.

Zac is in London to promote his new movie "Me & Orson Wells" and attended the premiere later that night.  I will not bait the Vanessa Hudgens fans again, regardless if she is Vancouver, although it was fun doing that.

Zac looks rather handsome whether arriving at an airport or attending a premiere I must say.-Dr.FB

Zac Efron.  Photo: GettyImages.com

Zac Efron. Photo: GettyImages.com


Bruno Shows The UK His Landing Strip And His Fisher

Bruno Landing Strip Getty Image
Bruno Landing Strip Getty Image

Bruno Landing Strip Getty Image

Oh this is too funny. Bruno shows the UK how hot he really is when he revealed his ' landing strip' at the Premiere of  "Bruno". He also gave those lucky bas**** a glimpse of his HOT fiancee Ms. Isla Fisher.

Isla Fisher Bruno Getty Image

Isla Fisher Bruno Getty Image