Top thirteen Perform And Only A Few Were Really Worth Listening To.

Adam Lambert courtesy of

Adam Lambert courtesy of

We are finally through the auditions and pre-show show.  Now we have the final thirteen ready to sing their little hearts out for your votes, and soon we will crown a new winner of American Idol, Season 8. I have to say, off the bat, the gratuitous intro for the judges and Ryan was quite ridiculous. The question is, how is this going to work? Will it be a thirteen week show, or are they going to drop two in one week? Well, Simon explains right away, that tomorrow, the bottom two will be going home. As for tonight, the theme artist is Michael Jackson. Not an easy artist to cover, so this will be an interesting night.

Starting it off is Lil Rounds singing “The Way You Make Me Feel” from 1987’s Bad. Not a bad start to the show. Lil has such a great voice, and I thought she did an excellent job with it. Good start to the show, and I’ll tell you know, she will not be going home any time soon.

Next up is Scott MacIntyre with “Keep The Faith” from 1991’s Dangerous. It was good, but I don’t know what I thought. He did a great job, I just don’t know if it was worth remembering. He just learned the song on the piano, and he clearly has control over his instrument, but will America vote, is the question. He will probably get through this week, maybe not, but if he does, he needs to step it up a whole lot more.

Then we have my boy Danny Gokey singing “P.Y.T.” from 1982’s Thriller. I love this guy. He can sing, he is very entertaining, and he has such an amazing stage presence. Man, can he work the crowd. Great song for him to sing, great rendition. I don’t know what else to say, but damn, this kid rocks.

Next we have Michael Sarver singing “You Are Not Alone” from 1995’s HIStory. He also did a great job. I can clearly see this is going to be a very difficult season, once the dead weight gets dropped in the next few weeks. Either way, this kid was awesome, and I don’t see him going anywhere anytime soon.

Jasmine Murray is next with “I’ll Be There” From 1970’s Third Album. She was okay. I love that song, so I am happy to hear it, and a little biased. However, again, is it enough to get her through? We’ll see tomorrow. For me, right now, she’s in the hot seat.

Then we have Kris Allen singing “Remember the Time” from 1991’s Dangerous. I really enjoyed the twist he gave it, but I gotta be honest, most of the song I was zoning out. It wasn’t quite enough to keep my attention. On a side note, he makes faces that reminded me of Jason Castro. Not that his faces were kinda like Jason, he was making the exact same faces as Jason. It was spooky to watch. Now I know what Jason will look like if he cut his hair (Don’t ever Jason), just saying.

After him, is Allison Iraheta with “Give in to Me” from 1991’s Dangerous. I love her voice. It totally reminds me of Heart, I think. I can’t place it exactly, but I can almost hear that voice singing another song from my youth. She’s amazing, and I love her to death. Another great performer that will make it far in this competition.

Anoop Desai is up with “Beat It” from 1982’s Thriller. That was an absolutely awesome interpretation of that song. I am blown away by that. The judges hated it, and I can see what they mean by it was a bit karaoke, but I still loved it. I thought he did a great job, but the judges hated it, so who knows what will happen.

Then we have Jorge Nuñez singing “Never Can Say Goodbye” From The Jackson 5’s 1971 Greatest hits album. It was alright, but I thought he screamed a whole lot in the song. I just wasn’t entirely impressed with it.

Next up, Megan Joy Corkrey sings “Rockin’ Robin” From 1972’s Got to Be There. She is just too cute for words. She can’t dance for crap, but it’s just so fun to watch her. The caw at the end was a little much, but again, it was cute. I love her, we’ll see her again.

Adam Lambert follows with “Black or White” from 1991’s Dangerous. You know, I have said from the beginning, Danny is my boy, but damn, I may have jump ship and get on the Adam boat. That was absolutely astounding. He can sing so well, he owned the stage. This kid rocks it hard core, and we will see an Adam Lambert album one day.

Then we have Matt Giraud singing “Human Nature” from 1982’s Thriller. That was really good too. You could really tell he gets emotionally involved in his songs. Simon made a good point, it sucks to have to follow Adam’s performance, but it was still a really good rendition of the song, and he’s not going anywhere.

Finally, Alexis Grace closes the show with “Dirty Diana” From 1987’s Bad. This one was a little odd for me. She moved around the stage like the was having a stroke, and it made it a bit difficult to focus for me. However, it was really good. Not the best, but I think enough to get her through to the next round.

That is, however, if America doesn’t screw up, and forget how to vote for Alexa. However, tomorrow, we lose two. So, who do I think those two are? I think America should send home Scott and Jorge. With that said, there is a good chance that Anoop could go home because of what the judges said, and there is a good chance Alexis could go home, because people can make a mistake and forget her number. So now it’s up to you guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the results.


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  • danagirl
    Posted at 07:28h, 11 March

    Yeah! Adam is my favorite…

  • Chris
    Posted at 00:29h, 11 March

    Allison is my favorite of the girls, and Danny for the guys.

    Lil did great and isn’t going anywhere. Scott did great as well; the judges chided him for picking an obscure song…so what? It was perfect for his style. Danny just killed it; not a perfect vocal, but his energy MORE than made up for it!

    Michael was a bit shaky for me; he should go home I think. Jasmine was OK, but I think she may be too nervous still. Kris is meh…he’s a decent singer, but his facial expressions are mondo annoying! LOVE LOVE LOVE Allison! I am predicting her to win it all…

    Anoop I thought did a really great job, although Paula did have a point when she said “Beat It” is an untouchable song, so I think he will go home based on that. Jorge is one of my absolute favorites and has an AMAZING voice…I loved his performance, but people in generall just don’t seem to dig him like I do, which means he’ll probably go.

    Megan was, IMO, painful to watch. She and Michael would be my Bottom 2, but she’ll probably sail through on her looks. The pain just got worse with Adam: am I the only one in the entire world that thinks he is WAY over-the-top and annoying??? I can’t stand him at all; the only reason he gets a pass from me is he’s got a better voice than Michael S. That said, Adam’s cockiness and screaming make me want to puke! If he wins it all, I will NEVER watch Idol again.

    I really enjoyed Matt’s performance: faithful to the original without being an exact copy, and great vocals (loved the falsetto)! Alexis picked a great song, but tried to hard. She’s not one of my favorites, but she’ll make it through to next week.

  • Mindy
    Posted at 21:33h, 10 March

    I really enjoy Adam Lambert…. he’s got a good sound and presence on stage. He thoroughly entertains me! Go, Adam!

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