Is Paula Abdul Heading Back To American Idol?

Paula Abdul. File Photo

Paula Abdul. File Photo

We just got a hot tip that Paula Abdul MAY be returning to American Idol.  Could she be replacing Simon? 

Could we see it returning to 3 judges next year with Randy, Ellen and Paula?  That means Kara would be out but it might be the answer that Idol needs as ratings have been slipping somewhat.  Now, granted, rating slipping for Idol compared to other shows is nothing but it is something they are worried about now that Simon is leaving. 

Do you want to see Paula back on Idol?

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Comments (3)
  1. OMG! Don’t miss her at all, she’s like so old but trying to be 20 with all her granny dancing. I like the woman they got already.

  2. I typically do not watch the show. Perhaps just the auditions up to the performance shows. I chose 4 people I thought would win and 1 of the contestants is already gone. It’s a “okay” show, the talent sometimes reminds me of lounge singers not pop radio.

  3. I have never understood why they added Kara in the first place!And the reason the ratings have slipped is because this is one of the worst seasons yet!The talent has been fairly uninteresting.But it will be a fella that will win.

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