Prince Throws Grammy Party At New House

From 2005 til 2008, Prince threw legendary house parties, especially after award shows.  Last night, it seems those parties are starting up again.

The guest list for Prince’s Grammy Jammy was: Prince, Best New Artist Grammy Winner Esperanza Spalding, Janelle Monae, Will.I.Am, Dave Chappelle, Lenny Kravitz, India Arie, Cyndi Lauper, Nicole Scherzinger, AJ Calloway, and Shaun Robinson.

Well, there is the guest list.  Will details follow?-Dr.FB

Update:  PRINCE & Janelle Monae brought the sun up at Prince’s new L.A. dgs…new “California” dates are coming so he WILL be there for a minute…




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  2. Investigated

    There have been reports of people with multiple accounts harassing Bria and Prince via internet for a while now. I guess this person above is one of them. Don’t listen to their rants. They have no proof of these accusations. Misty’s mom and Tyka and others have been investigated and found to be a part of this. You see the praise for Misty and insults for Bria. It is wrong and these people should be stopped. Who are you GTFOH why so sore?

  3. GTFOH

    @”stopthebriabashing” and “sheila”.

    Case in point. Thank you.

    Obsessed and psychotic are two very essential words that are projected from your inner mantra. That is why you are capable of even thinking to use such words. Get help. You people are relentless and thank God it doesn’t seem Prince is being fooled anymore. You no longer blend in with the fan voices, to try to cover your agenda, not that you ever did, it was always obvious as a sore thumb that it was Bria and her family.

    I guess that is what happens when you pick from the lower shelves and try to take it to the bodyshop for an upgrade. You can change the outter, but that engine and brain is still the same Grade Z class.

    Prince, the writings on the wall. Literally. Congrats to you and Misty! A real talent and beauty!

  4. Lydia

    Apparently, they played I Want To Be Free and Brown Skin at least at his private residence on the Feb. 14th (am)

  5. sheila

    The spokesperson for Prince’s entire fan base? Are you that one, really? I hope he marries Bria Valente just to piss off the obsessed psychopaths. Welcome to Cali tour is under way. Stay tuned

  6. GTFOH

    @michaelsong (and all the other alias) Jesus!! When the hell will Bria STOP the online PR games?! This girl will never learn, And she wonders why he aint with her now?! SAD
    The fans are happier and so is he.
    I think her and her small town family with little entertainment in their lives, should find a hobby and STOP coming online talking in third person trying to persuade Prince to do things out of his will.

    Worry about your house being in order, not Prince’s.

    you people spell Bria up as if she is the only one to ever love Prince genuinely. Well, I see it like this, he is Prince and it wont be hard for him to find a good girl who will genuinely love him. Which Im sure he already has and has moved on from Bria. She could not be anymore dull and ingenuine and the general populous of his fanbase agrees. Whoever Prince is with, lets hope he is happy.

  7. michaelsong

    Prince, it’s time to get your house in order. If you notice a constant flow of malicious energy aimed in a particular direction, that is where your treasure is. Someone does not want you to see it and most certainly doesn’t want you to keep it. Spot the machinations of those who desire destruction. However subtle they may be, they aim to distract you from making the choice tp build a solid foundation for the future. Do not delay. The present is a gift , not a guarantee.

  8. rosa

    But why isn’t Bria with him at events like “musiccares”?
    Does she have to work? Modeling, recording new album or what???
    Does she really not want to be with Prince when he is touring?? I would really like to see her again. We see her so seldom! And I never heard of stories like “I saw Bria and Prince at an aftershow party and they are in love, kissing, holding hands”
    Is ist just because Prince and Bria are JW’s and it isn’t allowed to show love in public if you are not married? This is confusing. I like Bria but why isn’t she with him?

  9. walloberlin

    As for Bria, she was/is his girlfriend since 2007. He himself verified that in the Ebony interview. Prince has not been seen with her recently but i find it hard to believe she is completely out of the picture. Time will tell.

  10. walloberlin

    @peach Interesting update huh yeah he has got his eye on Janelle Monae. It was only a matter of time as she is small in size and a successful major talent. Im sure there are others he keeps behind closed doors so don’t listen to the rumors. They are exaggerated gossip. Most likely these women are just friends that he wants to help gain exposure to the masses. He has been known to do that over the years. Singers, dancers, musicians. Prince has been romantically linkd to everyone he is seen with or has worked with but that does not make it true.

  11. peach

    Misty now? What happened to Bria all of a sudden? They seemed happy at MSG in dec… It is a little strange…. They looked good together IMO and it seemed she really loved him. Poor Bria. Guess our man Prince is back in party mode and still can’t keep a relationship for very long. I hope he is happy anyways. I look forward to the concerts for fans, not for rich and famous only.

  12. paisley1985

    Good news 4 the west coast!

    2 DRFunkenberry……Any words or unofficial words about a new album supposed called “Welcome 2 America” or other??

  13. gingerbread man

    Prince has a crib in LA and it looks like he is now getting cozy with the cute little hottie Janelle Monae. So many girls, so little time playa :D. His attention span is shorter than he is…..he has a reputation for his wandering eye so all these girls thinking they can tie him down are delusional. Misty copelands mom is doing some serious PR online to generate buzz about her daughter and Prince being a “couple”. She thinks they hit the jackpot lol

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  15. chocolatebox777

    Would love 2 b a fly on the wall @ one of those house parties. But happy Prince is setting up residency here in the land of stars with only one mo0n…:-)

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