Is Prince About To Drop A New CD Called “The L/C”?

Prince. The L/C NPG Records 2011
Prince. The L/C NPG Records 2011

Prince. The L/C NPG Records 2011

1st,we hope you have been going to Andy Allo's Facebook Fan Page like we told you to a couple of days ago for more goodies.  She has posted a live version of Prince performing "Stratus" from last night and some exclusive photos of her and Prince as well.

Ok, on that acoustic version of "Guitar" we posted the other day, there was some data attached to it.  The photo above was attached and the information below saying it is from a project called "The L/C" featuring Prince and Andy Allo.  Here is a screen cap;

Meta Data Of Acoustic "Guitar" track

Meta Data Of Acoustic "Guitar" track

This comes on the heels of Prince telling "The Guardian" and others that he will no longer be recording or releasing any new material.  Very interesting. 

The track sounds liked a jam session between Prince and Andy Allo, stripped down to its roots to even let a little bit of the recording process in as Prince and Allo interact within the track.  We have posted it again below for your listening pleasure.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

We have not contacted Prince's reps for this as the artwork and meta still remain on the track posted a couple of days ago.  So, what do you guys think this is for and what do you think "The L/C" stands for?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  You Don't Want To Know What I Think "The L/C" Stands for!

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  1. We’ll see if he does another album, but I’m sure he will. You can’t take Prince’s statements too serious. Like when he announced that one tour was gonna be the last time he would play the hits. Couple of years later, 75% of his show is just the hit songs.

  2. There’s no album coming. Next.

  3. I’m sure it’s nothing. I mean, this track isn’t album-ready by any stretch of the imagination. Even if he was prepping a blues/acoustic album, this track would still be a rehearsal for it. My guess is we’re overreacting… or he’s messin’ with us.

    So my vote is for “Lie / Cheat.”

  4. “Loose Conduct”? ding ding

  5. An LC circuit, also called a resonant circuit or tuned circuit, consists of an inductor, represented by the letter L, and a capacitor, represented by the letter C. When connected together, they can act as an electrical resonator, an electrical analogue of a tuning fork, storing electrical energy oscillating at the circuit’s resonant frequency

  6. “The Lesbian Couple”???

  7. very nice version of Guitar, Andy has very unique voice Prince should do a whole album of acoustic songs thanx 4 sharing the info

  8. I hope so

  9. do u really think THAT version of Guitar is good enough 4 an official #Prince cd?

  10. What about “The Learning Curve…” ?

  11. Very interesting. Surely Prince realizes that when he releases such a recording in the way that he has this last track, that we as the listener copy it from our temp files.
    Dr., why is it that when I go to your site it seems to reload right after it finishes loading? Has anybody else notice this?

  12. thanks for always keepin us in the loop doc x

  13. The man is still right with what he said to the guardian, it’s old material! So who cares!

  14. Let’s hope it is a new album…a new one is overdue! Please do another UK/Europe newspaper deal Princey 😉

  15. The L/C could mean “L on C” so as L is a letter from Allo, C a letter from Prince? it could mean “Allo on Prince” like riding him 😉
    Or something to do with numérology 12/3, the reverse of 3121….

  16. My best guess is “Love Connection” while L/C officially stands 4 letter of credit indeed.

  17. hahahahaha

  18. Letter of Credit (L/C)
    Definition: A letter of credit is a promise to pay. Banks issue letters of credit as a way to ensure sellers that they will get paid as long as they do what they’ve agreed to do.

    Andy better do what she agreed to do.

  19. Number #7 Love/Control

  20. the Loose Cannon!!!

  21. Andy has been growing on me quick. Her voice is quite amazing. Not the best guitar player, but she does have a talented voice and a great look. If they make an album together, I would buy it in a heartbeat. And if Prince is mentoring and teaching her, it only means she will get better as far as musicianship goes. Which is a very genorous thing on Prince’s part by helping somebody who is just getting started. Good for you, Prince. I really hope this new album rumor is true, it sounds like a wonderful idea.

  22. I thought “Love / Compassion” as well.

  23. Maybe it is just a code they used and it isn’t for an actual album, never know with Prince.

  24. Hope it ain’t “last call”. Hope its something like “Love Compassion”

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