Is Prince About To Drop A New CD Called “The L/C”?

Prince. The L/C NPG Records 2011

Prince. The L/C NPG Records 2011

1st,we hope you have been going to Andy Allo’s Facebook Fan Page like we told you to a couple of days ago for more goodies.  She has posted a live version of Prince performing “Stratus” from last night and some exclusive photos of her and Prince as well.

Ok, on that acoustic version of “Guitar” we posted the other day, there was some data attached to it.  The photo above was attached and the information below saying it is from a project called “The L/C” featuring Prince and Andy Allo.  Here is a screen cap;

Meta Data Of Acoustic "Guitar" track

Meta Data Of Acoustic "Guitar" track

This comes on the heels of Prince telling “The Guardian” and others that he will no longer be recording or releasing any new material.  Very interesting. 

The track sounds liked a jam session between Prince and Andy Allo, stripped down to its roots to even let a little bit of the recording process in as Prince and Allo interact within the track.  We have posted it again below for your listening pleasure.


We have not contacted Prince’s reps for this as the artwork and meta still remain on the track posted a couple of days ago.  So, what do you guys think this is for and what do you think “The L/C” stands for?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  You Don’t Want To Know What I Think “The L/C” Stands for!



  • 2knowledgestorm
    Posted at 02:26h, 13 January


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  • Domonique
    Posted at 13:30h, 14 July

    The single is good it just needs to get people’s attention

  • Domonique
    Posted at 20:06h, 11 March

    It’s missing something like have the band sing with you that can make things better.

  • Domonique
    Posted at 01:06h, 01 January

    I think that Prince should do the new album

  • me
    Posted at 22:48h, 26 August

    Oh yeah. Prince has always had trouble fitting into a pre-defined genre of music, so has never really gotten the airplay he deserves. Plus, u’re right, his label, distribution and lack of advertising issues have always kept him from his mainstream glory. But just because they don’t play it on the radio or at the clubs doesn’t mean it’s not completely dope! I’d take Bria Valente’s (really Prince’s) mellow Elixer, Here Eye Come and Immersion tracks over Rihanna or Fergie stuff ANYDAY. But that’s me…

  • me
    Posted at 22:37h, 26 August

    My apologies, Myles. I know I was too harsh. U’re a stand-up guy for your thoughtful response. You seem to know what u’re talking about with the new generation of artists/music. However, I give the credit to whoever is producing and playing the instruments on the tracks, if it’s not all entirely beat machines. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital music and am not turned off just because there may be no live instruments on a track. To me, however, singers are a dime a dozen. Those who actually create the music are the real entertainers. With shows like American Idol and Glee, it seems the music industry is replacing talented musicians with cults of personality, whether they have real talent or not. To tell u the truth, I haven’t heard that much of Will.I.Am, except for on Too $horts Blow the Whistle CD, and I do like the track(s). Guess I’m just old skool and haven’t embraced the “new generation” of artists. Just seems that everything is watered down nowadays and has turned more “pop” than “funk” – even so-called gangsta rap, which I love.

    I personally love Prince’s more recent efforts compared to his 80’s and 90’s stuff; maybe simply because they’re newer and I haven’t played them out so much. His new stuff seems more musically mature to me, however, but if u hate jazz and instrumental experimentation, then of course u’re gonna stick with the older stuff. I recommend downloading the Prince iVault torrent, which is chock full of mostly older unreleased tracks – hundreds of them! I pretty much mostly listen to Prince’s unreleased stuff more than any released stuff. I do love LotusFlow3r and 20Ten, and 3121, etc., though. There’s a lot of funk on those! And, to be consistent, Tamar and Bria Valente are simply…………..singers.

    Holla back, my friend.

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