Andy Allo Shows Us What It Takes To Be A Superconductor

It is a little bit after midnight when I arrive at The Record Plant in Hollywood to talk with and listen to Andy Allo’s “Superconductor” tonight. What I hear over the next few hours is an artist that is on the rise and willing to challenge herself and others around her to get there.

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I’m greeted by Andy and an assistant along with a friend. They play from the top a track from “Superconductor” entitled “If I Was King” which is a mix of reggae with a pop-funk flavor. The bass is high in the mix and I am digging it. Towards the end, she does something with her voice that impresses me. Showing her octave range and being able to change it instead of staying in one tone gets to me and makes my ears perk up. I’m told the track is about 7 minutes in length but they are trying to cut it down. The groove is quite good and I can understand when recording it, you just keep going and don’t want to stop. Either that or there may have been a bass player who just wanted to keep going.

We take a break for some other things to be set up and I’m challenged to some “table tennis” by Andy and her friend, who both whooped me so bad, I felt like I went a few rounds with Floyd Mayweather. Wearing my church shoes was no excuse or else I would use it.

After taking my whooping, we go back into the studio with Andy and a producer making edits. Making sure levels are right in the mix. Andy catches a part where there are hand-claps and they sound off to her. It is something that the producer friend catches onto as well.

We take a short break to discuss things in the music industry and the force-fed music played to us by radio program directors. During the conversation, Carly Rae Jepson’s name comes up with her song “Call Me Maybe” being number one in the nation and how Justin Bieber made a video of the song with his girlfriend Selena Gomez that had over 40 million views and then Carly’s song started taking off slowly but surely til it hit number one. It wasn’t exactly the love of the song that made Justin cover it, but perhaps because his manager also manages Carly. It was brought out that although she may be number one and had those millions of youtube views, she doesn’t own her publishing to make sure she is paid.

After more discussion of the music industry and how Andy can get noticed and played by staying independent, I’m taken back to the studio and then have several tracks from “Superconductor” played for me.

First up is “People Pleaser” which features Maceo Parker. We heard a sample of the song before but not the full version. Her producer friend states “All those funk cover bands are going to want to start covering this as soon as they hear it.” I’m bobbing my head to it, but compared to the other tracks I am about to hear, it doesn’t really compare.

Next up is “When Stars Collide” which features a cool bass groove. This song speaks to me. From my ears, to my heart, to my feet tapping along with it. She belts this out and quickly the thoughts come to mind of Betty Davis. I am really digging on this one and cannot wait for you all to hear it.

Next up is “Superconductor” where is she talking bout needing one, and you have to feel that on her search, she is going to find one. We are told that Michael Bland plays drums on this track.  There is a lot going on with this song, and Andy is able to keep the groove going. A lot is going on and it is working. It doesn’t sound old, it stands out and it is fresh.

Next up is “Gone” which I am told was inspired by an old James Taylor and Carol King special. It just features Andy on vocals and guitar and it is stunning and as Andy put it, “Raw” and wanted to keep it that way even though her friend was really wanting to add strings to the song. It is quite good the way it is. I would have liked to have heard strings but it really doesn’t need it.

A few more tracks are played for me, one where the piano playing is going to make Gaga drop her mouth and we bet “lift” it for herself. It was ridiculous how sick the piano player was on it.

Andy Allo.

Andy Allo.

There are cuts here on the “Superconductor” CD. Big time. There is a reason why Universal Music is interested in distributing this CD, but at the time of writing, Universal has not stepped up to the plate with the right kind of offer to entice Andy. She is even thinking of taking pre-orders soon of the album on her own web site, ALLOEVOLUTION.COM

The thing is, even without a distribution deal, good music will find a way out there. You look at Adele. You look at others. Andy Allo’s “Superconductor” is a CD that must be heard. I’ve heard people talking. It’s someone young singing older music, they say. Quite simply, it is not. There is an ode to the old but what is on there is new and it challenges the listener.

She has legends around her such as Maceo Parker and Prince’s band, The NPG, along with Prince himself producing 3 of the 9 tracks on the album. Andy is not sitting on the sidelines when it comes to her music. She is putting in as much input as her producer and it shows.

It is around 4 in the morning and Andy is still giving out directions to the sound engineer, while going through upcoming plans on the “Superconductor” promotion. There are others I have seen that have talent but do not work hard at it. Luck is not enough to get you by. The hard work behind it plays a lot into that and Andy is working hard.

The album is slated for a September release with the title track “Superconductor” likely to be the first single. For those that love real music by real musicians, make sure to support an album such as this one.

There is talk of possibly doing some shows before the album comes out late summer but nothing concrete as of yet.

Like I stated before, good music has a way of being heard, weather you have a major label behind you or not. The road is a little bit harder and you have to put in the work, but Miss Allo is determined to do it. She did not have to say it. It is obvious to everyone around her. She takes her music and her craft very seriously. She may be looking for a “Superconductor” but after this album, you will understand that she is one herself.-DocFB



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  • Cheryl
    Posted at 08:03h, 30 June

    I need a dose of some real music. This is a doc that I can trust, and if this is what the Doc ordered, I need to fill my prescription! Can we pre-order this CD?

  • ariell etienne
    Posted at 00:33h, 25 June

    I really ♥Andy Allo, such a beautiful voic,e an amazing and natural grace, sh’s just blessed…

  • Immanuel6
    Posted at 21:39h, 24 June

    Well, I am really to throw down my duckets for this CD. Excellent interview, Doc.

  • Violetka
    Posted at 02:02h, 24 June

    Doc. you are the best to be a superconductor, to become bigger than Universal
    Music with all your abilities and Miss Alloevolution .

  • chocolatebox
    Posted at 19:29h, 23 June


  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 17:50h, 23 June

    Trevor, I said the comment that you took issue to. No one else but me. I’m sorry you were offended. I have since removed the comment. Hopefully, one day, we will stop seeing things in black and white. I don’t see things that way. People tell me I am white. I’m still not so sure. Remember, judging someone you don’t exactly know comes off just the same. Love

  • Trevor J.
    Posted at 08:06h, 23 June

    I am a black man-and I’m sorry but it’s not funny to joke and “blame it on the white girl”-kind of racist if you ask me. We of all people have suffered through racist comments that to turn it around and make a joke about white people not having rhythm-well it’s a stereotype that isn’t always true and personally that just doesn’t fly with me. I’ve met many black people that don’t have rhythm and don’t clap on the 2 & 4. Not funny. IMO-through all the interviews I’ve seen and heard (cause someone is pushing her down our throats right now…hmmm…Prince??) she sounds like a mean spirited person who is using Prince to get ahead. Wonder what she’s doing for him? How many posts are we going to have to endure on Andy Allo! Come on Doc-give us some more news.

  • Tannis
    Posted at 08:00h, 23 June

    Well written Doc! All the best to Andy Allo, hard work always pays off! 🙂

  • 7InchesOrMore
    Posted at 07:56h, 23 June

    Please (scream it like Camille in “If Eye Was Ur Girlfriend”) release it! Every single note… (I remember the desaster of Tamar’s Milk & Honey. Confusion!)
    German nota bene: Tamars Milk & Honey ging damals leider nicht an den Start, obwohl es schon fertig war. Ich hoffe, Andy Allos Album ist 2012 auch tatsächlich als CD zu haben. Kann Prince es nicht an sein eigenes Studioalbum ankoppeln. Wie Elixer von Bria Valente. (Translation/Edit: Distribution similar 2 Bria Valente’s Elixer? Why not?)
    Euer Prince-Fan aus Deutschland, love it, DrFB

  • andrewm7
    Posted at 05:44h, 23 June

    Thank you for the review,I am looking forward to hearing the record when it comes out 🙂 I said “record” deliberately in the hope that there is some vinyl to superconduct. 😆

  • J
    Posted at 05:02h, 23 June

    Good read!

    Andy, take your time, good music has no expiry date and WILL find a way. Do what you feel.

    We support you and will spread the word ourselves too.

    To the Woody person – I’m sure comments like that will only strengthen Andy’s will to prove herself.

    Drfb, thanks for the news as usual.

    Will be interesting to see if promotions for Superconductor will go international as well…!

  • Paradise
    Posted at 03:27h, 23 June

    I was awaken from the beep sounds in my ear. I said let me ck to see if lil gifts are being sent while us sleepers dream dreams we hope become a reality. I cked & yes we have this well written interview about Andy Allo’s “SuperConductor”. Thank you All that are involved. To Andy, you can do this, looking forward to your 2nd album ^____^ !!

  • Daniel
    Posted at 03:11h, 23 June

    What i heard is very very promising and i am also dying to hear the album…
    It is true, good music will find a way, but Adele has XL Records, a very professional independent label behind her and had some big hits…
    For a new artist, support by a big label or a big independent label with worldwide distribution is not a bad thing, imo….

  • Justin
    Posted at 02:51h, 23 June

    Shut your mouth, Woody Allen. You haven’t even heard the fuckin CD yet.

  • musicgirl
    Posted at 02:47h, 23 June

    I’m dying to hear the rest of Superconductor as I listen to Unfresh on a weekly basis. The 15 second snippet just isn’t enough…

  • Woody Allen
    Posted at 02:42h, 23 June

    This album will be a failure and she’ll never be heard from again.

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