Two Down, So Many More To Go.

Jasmine Murray

Jasmine Murray

We had a fun night of good and bad singing. Tonight, we lose two contestants. This season introduces a twist, a new rule as they have been saying. What is the rule you may ask? Well, until they hit the top 5, the judges get one save. So they can veto one eliminated contestant, and that contestant gets another chance, and the next week two will be eliminated. I think this is awesome, because I was just reviewing my Year in Review that I did at the end of Season 7, and I made a list of things I thought they could change to make it a little more interesting, and one of the things I said was:

Judges veto. I feel that on a few occasions, America has made a terrible, terrible mistake and let someone go too soon. I think they should give the judges 1 veto a season. That way if America screws up, and the judges are unanimous, they overturn the result. If that happens, who goes home instead? There are a few good options.


  • Send home the second worst instead.
  • Let the judges pick that week from the remaining bottom two.
  • Let the judges pick from all the remaining contestants.
  • Send two home the next week.”

Now, am I saying the people in charge read this? Probably not, but the wording Ryan used tonight, sounded very familiar to me. I don’t know, I’m just saying. With that, I guess we should talk about tonight’s show.

Naturally they open with a group performance of a Jackson 5 Medley and the last nights performance vignette. Then they show the first of this years Ford Music videos, It was cheesy as always. Finally the results, and up first is Michael Sarver making it through.

Next up is Allison to make it through. Jasmine goes next and is put in the middle of the stage.  Matt G. is over excited to go home because he stars heading for the middle of the stage, but he is stop and he is safe. Finally Kris and Megan are put head to head, with Kris being safe and Megan going to the middle with Jasmine. So now it’s up to them two. One goes home and one stays. This time, Megan gets to sit right back down with Jasmine going home. So they play the new card. Will the judges save her? She sings her song to let the judges deliberate and after her song, they do send her home. I’m not very surprised, but at the same time, I still don’t think she was in the bottom two.

To cut the monotony of the results show, Kanye West performs his song “Heartless”. You know, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen anyone wearing Jeans with a jean shirt and jean jacket. Really? I swear to god, I thought the 80’s farmer look went out, well, in the 80’s.

After that performance, we find out Scott is safe. I think people feel bad because he is blind. Alexis is next, and America did know how to dial her number and she is safe along with Danny. Anoop is sent to the middle of the stage next, followed by Adam being totally safe. So now it’s up to Jorge and Lil. Trying to build tension to see which will go to the middle with Noop-Dawg. To me, this was clearly an easy choice, and America agreed, Lil is safe and Jorge joins Anoop in the middle. Now they could end the suspense, but instead they make them wait.

What are they waiting for? Well, Kelly Clarkson is here singing her song “My Life Would Suck Without You”. I do like her, and you know she has done some great things since the show. One thing I have to say though. Kelly, you’re a musician. I know you can have and do whatever you want, but part of selling music is your image. I’m sorry, but you need to drop a pound or two. Don’t get me wrong, she is far from fat, and I am definitely one to talk, but seriously, hire a personal trainer, or hell, get the label to hire you one. You’ll feel better and you are one sexy beast.

Finally, they get to the last elimination, and they send Jorge home. That was a very good choice. So now he has to sing, and will the judges save him? No they will not. There you go, two gone, ten more to go away. Until next week, stay safe and drink heavy.


The Reverend Statik



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