“Mutiny/Ice Cream Castles” New PRINCE & The NPG Rehearsal Jam! Listen Now!

NPG Photo: Randee St. Nicholas NPG Records

NPG Photo: Randee St. Nicholas NPG Records

Here is the latest rehearsal jam from PRINCE & THE NPG. We have been waiting to share this with you and now, we finally can!!

As we first told you about late last week, this is Prince’s musical response to Terry Lewis asking if Prince needed an opening act for his upcoming Australian Tour and was also sent to Paul Peterson of Fdeluxe (Formerly The Family) before anyone else.

We promised you that it is hot, funky, dirty, and will leave you in puddle of sweat.

We want to thank PRINCE for sending this to us!  The rehearsal jam features “Mutiny” and…..”Ice Cream Castles”….Listen below……

We are loving it and digging it big time!  Australia, are you ready?  Good Gawd!

As we said over the weekend, Janelle Monae and Deliah are possible opening acts for Prince’s “Welcome 2 Australia” leg of the tour.  Will anyone else be coming along?

So what do U guys think of the latest rehearsal jam?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  1, 2, 3, 4, EVERYBODY ON THE DANCE FLOOR!!!



  • Marcus Harris
    Posted at 13:29h, 09 May

    Aaaawwwhhh! Welcome 2 the New Power Generation! What’s up down under? Thanks Uncle Prince & NPG and Dr. Funkberry! Some grease on the stage….

  • Purple Jar Jar Binks
    Posted at 14:56h, 04 May

    Get Off/lubricated lady
    Loveleft, loveright

    Play these live Prince please, it would make my day

  • James Brown
    Posted at 15:18h, 03 May

    Loved Mutiny for time.Prince is the Mozart of Groove.

  • Modernaire
    Posted at 13:01h, 01 May

    ^Prince USED TO BE FUNKY.

    This is Las Vegas outside hotel 312.10 gig. I LOVE Classic Prince, not this lame fake Funk. Never thought I’d see that way…

    You don’t even know what Funky is if you think a vagina in leather panties in Arizona is… poser.

    I’ll stick with my daily reading of the Funk Bible. Fam.

  • troy lee
    Posted at 08:01h, 28 April

    this is funkier than a vagina in leather panties on an arizona summer day..lol…prince is a god of funk ….haters u should have been a little more important

  • Modernaire
    Posted at 18:39h, 27 April

    What happened to Prince’s funk music ability?

    The band doesn’t have it.

    And how many times do we have to hear Prince go “wa too three fuww!” Is he pumping his arms into the air ala Emancipation style?

    And Mr. Sit Down at the Organ (sits when he plays) Mr Hayes… do we need more ORGAN again… and again?

    Corny jam, corny.

    Man… it just never gets better.

    In-joy fams.

  • DownloadMe
    Posted at 18:26h, 27 April

    Why is this not downloadable? U know I like that stuff free, free from Prince 😉

  • Jana
    Posted at 18:28h, 26 April

    Thank you Prince!!

  • 7InchesOrMore
    Posted at 12:58h, 26 April

    There are 2 persons, 1st: Prince in studio – a genius, 2nd: Prince live or nearly live (rehearsal situation) – don’t like that stuff very much. But it’s ok.
    Im Studio bringt Prince einfach mehr. er singt viel besser “with that high voice” und der ganze Sound ist hundertmal besser. Warum er uns und der Welt die vielen Live-Konzerte antut, ich weiß es nicht.
    Thank U Doc, a fan from germany

  • Just Sayin...
    Posted at 04:54h, 26 April

    Yes, this totally sounds like a “thanks but no thanks” to me. No one seems to remember that Morris Day QUIT The Time to pursue a solo career and not to mention the issue where Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis missed a show due to being stuck in a snow storm while working on their own projects. Paul Peterson also QUIT just as the Family was about to take off. This is still a business and in business how many of you would want to re-hire someone that quit on you and just walked away?

    I myself would LOVE to see all of them get along and do some great shows together but the business side of me is thinking, you left me when I needed you and now that you need me, why should bend over backwards to help you. Nobody forced you to quit and now that you want your job back (that no longer exists) because you haven’t done much with your solo careers. I’m suppose to ignore what you put me through? How am I the bad guy?

    I would do the same thing. It’s like you screwed me over and now I’m suppose to forget an play nice…yeah right!

  • Megas1
    Posted at 23:59h, 25 April

    Please play “My Drawers”! Ain’t a badder funk jam than that! I and everybody in the house would lose they minds if P and the band dropped that bomb!

  • Ahmenra
    Posted at 22:33h, 25 April


    I don’t give a dayum what anybody says, this jam is as funky as a leftover government cheese sandwich!

  • Ahmenra
    Posted at 22:30h, 25 April

    I think that most of the people here are and have been fans of Prince and the Minneapolis scene for decades. I don’t know what the deal is between Prince and the other acts but it’s sad for a lot of us. Because all of these groups became a part of the fabric of who we all are as music fans growing up over the years. To not be able to see them jam together really stinks and is an affront to even Prince’s staunchest fans; and I count myself among them.
    I, like many others, have been a fan of his since his first album, through all of the “critically” derided albums and the triumphs of his second act these past few years, supporting his many tours. It kind of is a slap in our faces as well as the faces of the Time and The Family. Yes, he created the bands’ sounds, wrote the material and gave them exposure to put out his music that Warner Brothers wouldn’t allow him to do on his own, but they are all still musicians in their own right and we are fans of them as well.
    As I’ve said, I don’t know what the problems are between them, but someone in Prince’s camp, who isn’t afraid to say it (and I’m sure most of his employees are afraid to say anything) needs to tell him that Sincerely, this “cloud” of being perceived to be a musical tyrant and preventing his fans from hearing and seeing the totality of his musical vision by excluding these acts is actually DAMAGING HIS LEGACY!
    Yes, I know that he is already in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but I’m talking about his legacy on the street. His legacy with his fans. We all know that he was the “guy” behind these groups in the beginning, but to deny his fans a significant part of what we love about him in a fashion, that to a lot of us, seems “petty”, does his current cache and future legacy a huge disservice. And, the fact is, he may not care about any of that. Who knows? I just know that I’m really upset about the way things “appear”. And if things are indeed not what they seem, he should, for the sake of his legacy and for the benefit of his life-long fans who supported him all these decades, just spell it out for us, so that we can say “hey, I get it! I see why he did what he did”. Otherwise, we’ll all just be left to speculate and be subject to the “he said, he said” debates for all eternity.

  • Anonymous
    Posted at 22:08h, 25 April

    Nobody should be too quick to leap to conclusions without hearing an official explanation as to why the name changes were necessary…
    How many people would have wrongly judged Prince in the movie Purple Rain, until everything was explained and made up for in the end?
    There’s always a bigger picture.
    And as Morris Day has pointed out, “The Time” has 7 letters, so without Jesse, The Original 7ven can apply to the letters also……
    I got a different vibe from the jam…a playful ‘bring it on’…but Time will tell…

    I suggest that there is less animosity between those bands than what is popularly assumed.

  • Myles Matisse
    Posted at 20:13h, 25 April

    Well said Doc but I don’t think people woulda complained that Vanity 6 opened for The Time opened for Prince back in the day (if there’d been the internet) because each of those artists were such a tight knit part of Prince’s early sound, style and direction and were all very beloved by Prince fans. And, you forgot to mention Tony M.’s rapping and Renato’s lengthy smooth jazz style solos in your list of complaints people would have. Knowing a long time Prince fan who knows all his jams and more, he doesn’t like the smooth jazz vibe-y solos of Renato. I guess when it comes down to it, EVERYONE has an opinion and it won’t always be glowing or positive. Bottom line, when people go to see a Prince concert, they are going mainly to hear PRINCE and Prince’s music, not covers and not a lot of other distractions, although to some whatever Prince brings is cool. And, that’s cool.

    Prince has given the spotlight to others. I noticed though that it wasn’t until Rosie Gaines that he REALLY gave the spotlight to someone in HIS band. Boni a bit but Rosie a LOT. That’s the way he grew to roll. Giving others the spotlight with love and musicology.

    Love the rehearsal jam of “Mutiny/Ice Cream Castles”. If it’s a “musical answer” of sorts to Terry Lewis (and St. Paul Peterson), I’m thinking it’s a “thanks but no thanks” or an “I can do this all on my own fellas since I wrote the jams” kinda thang.

    Had a lengthy discussion with a few MPLS peeps recently who are way schooled in all things Princely and we all talked about the forcing of the name changes to The Time to The Original 7ven and The Family to fDeluxe by Prince and his legal cease and desists. One of them offered up the opinion that it didn’t gel with him that Prince is being so difficult with those groups and how it gives an air of negativity, bad vibes and nasty karma which has effected the energy of the members of The Time, The Family and The Revolution. His attitude was that Prince shouldn’t put those bands in a box to collect dust in a proverbial closet. That he should embrace them, collaborate with them and help them in the writing, production and releasing of their albums rather than being so dictatorial and controlling of their creativity and existence.

    My attitude is, if Prince didn’t have fDeluxe, The Original 7ven or Andre Cymone open for him in all the recent dates he did in Los Angeles at The Forum, there’s no way any of them will open for him in a foreign country no less. And, what’s up with The Original 7ven? Without Jesse Johnson in the band, what are they gonna call themselves now. Thanks a lot, Prince. The forcing of the name changes was anything but C-O-O-L. While the rehearsal jam is cool, I still think in some ways, it’s a big flip off to the members of The Time and The Family. A big “thanks but no thanks” to their opening act request. Could be wrong.

    And, while it’s all good that Prince has collaborated and made music with Tamar and Bria and the like, I still think it would’ve been amazing had Prince reached out and collaborated through the years with The Time, The Family and The Revolution. Now, THAT would’ve been C-O-O-L. Having talked with a couple members of two of those bands, who’s names will go unmentioned, I really don’t think Prince realizes the hurt and frustration he’s caused them over the years leading up to very recently. Me personally? I wish Prince could be more collaborative, communicative and righteous with them on all levels, but maybe that’s asking too much of him.

  • Jeremy
    Posted at 15:42h, 25 April

    Well said doc!

  • Twinkly1
    Posted at 14:48h, 25 April

    Tell it like it is DOC.

    Prince clearly surrounds himself with talented, comitted artists in their own right–he’s known for that. ShelbyJ and Andy Allo as well as the other members of the NPG are superb human beings and beautiful inside and out.

    The haters?…..well, they will continue to be what they are ’cause they know nothing else. The internet gives them a false sense of security but there is a much greater force than the internet.


  • Amrita Bharat
    Posted at 14:34h, 25 April

    Prince if your reading this my wish is to meet you, Your an amazing artist and the greatest. Make a song with my name Amrita.
    Love ya Always

  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 13:43h, 25 April

    A few things; we LOVE Shelby. We don’t know where the hate is generated from, but he has always put the shine on other band members that share his stage. Always.

    If the Internet was around back then, there would be complaints about Vanity 6 opening up for him or The Time, Wendy n Lisa’s singing too much, Sheila does too long of a drum solo, Bonnie goes off too much, Rosie is too prominent on “Nothing Compares 2 U” why are the game boyz dancing? Who is this Carmen Electra dancing? Who are these Diamond & Pearl girls & why are they dancing? Who is this Mayte chick n why is she dancing? Michael Bland plays the drums too hard, Marva sings too loud. I believe there would be complaints like that because since the Internet, its been Larry G. plays too much, why does Kip get a solo, why does Najee get a solo, Why does Maceo get a solo, Why does Eric get a solo, why does Candy get a solo, why do we have to see Chance sing, Why does Tamar sing, Why are the Twinz dancing, to now when you go after Shelby and Andy.

    It has always happened. Always shared the spotlight. It comes off as a 2nd grade schoolgirl with a crush and throws rocks at them until they get their attention. Except….their is no attention being given. Nothing is changed. That person will most likely get even more shine now……

    No one pissed in your cheerios…..but you act like it.

    If I don’t like someone or something, I will most likely move on. There is too much cool in the world to stay with something or spend my time on something that doesn’t bring me joy.

    A wise man once said “What good is time if U take up every day to complain?”

    Pretty good words to live by……

    Posted at 12:33h, 25 April

    Boring to death. This is a rendition à la Prince of “who’d she coo” by the OHIO PLAYERS

    Posted at 12:29h, 25 April

    Posterlady? Who’s that girl?

  • Twinkly1
    Posted at 11:58h, 25 April

    Song gets funkier and funkier with each click on “play”. Keep it up Prince and the NPG.

    Much respect!

  • DualBoot
    Posted at 11:27h, 25 April

    I liked the TDE rehearsal but am wondering why this one has such a bad mic distortion (especially when this is official? Loudness and distortion reminds me of the 2011 tour a bit). This one doesn’t do it for me. I think it’s bland and is missing the ‘firm Stomp’ Mutiny should have. I doesn’t mind Shelby but she is too present in the mix.

  • katerina
    Posted at 11:22h, 25 April

    Does anybody know what “posterlady’ is ACTUALLY saying ??????

  • katerina
    Posted at 00:43h, 25 April

    hear >>> hear !!!! Tell it like it like it really is AhmenRa !!!!

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